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New Year in the Elan Valley

I embraced death I understood the cycle I lived with cycles Death, a door Door, a transition Transition, an end End was a beginning  I accepted this I learned you can die Even when you are alive Blowing away in ruthlessness Burning in lies Freezing in merciless spite I learn what is accepting Like nature Just how it was Death like life A part of us Our divine And you can die Even when you are alive…. I never thought I would find out what love truly was during my calm and peaceful life in Elan Valley. I would wake up with the bright light of the sun, the birds telling their songs. After morning tea, go for a walk, sometimes along the river, sometimes on top of the hills, sometimes to the forest, sometimes on the road to the internet point… I bring food for the birds and squirrels who accompany me during my walk. One of my pathways was covered with dead blackberries and nettles. The nettles which burn everyone only itch my skin a tiny bit. The nettles heal my shingles. But the season is

I had guests

So many people  Living in the city Many sulky faces Many in a hurry So many people Living in the city Sick, in pain Unhappy and sad Living in the city So far from me Scaring me Making me want to run away So many people living in the city When I lived in the city I was green and didn’t understand how quickly broken love could turn into hatred and spite. Carrying love is easy when the love is reciprocal, but to be truly strong and carry the power of love, it is helpful to understand the pain of rejected love. This was my experience as if for some, their love is overwhelmed by pride, arrogance, and ego sacrificed for the need to preserve their most fearful self. It was before the second lockdown and I had a couple of guests staying. First Filiz and her art psychotherapist friend Patrick came walking with me. It was a very nice day. The weather was not cold, the wind was not there. We start walking from the longhouse and followed the river Claerwen until the path finished. Walking near the

Looking for a house around Elan Valley…

My path is in Elan Valley  Made of meaning Step by step Everything about my soul  Encoded in it Even sometimes The ground is soaked Slowing me down This is time on my own This is an adventure I’m under no obligation to be objective  This is my journey and has set off a whole line of emotion… When I first came to Wales I was in love with Brecon, then I discovered the mountains of Snowdonia, and they drew me in. Then I came to Elan Valley and had the feeling I was in Brecon again. It’s hard to explain with words, but I had a connection as if I had found my roots.  Several years ago I wrote two theatre plays and toured with each of them all around Wales. Having had the opportunity to tour the country twice, I am sure Powys is my place. Cardiff is a lovely city but I’m not a city person. Living very happily in Elan Valley, I made my decision to live around thereafter my fellowship in February 2021. This meant I had to start searching now. Trying to find a rental house is not an easy task i